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What is the importance of Feng Shui lighting in the bedroom? What is the difference between the lighting in the bedroom and the lighting in the living room? Everyone wants their bedroom to look warm and comfortable, so choosing lighting is the most important at this time. Lighting can adjust the mood of the bedroom. So according to our understanding, we can take a look at the feng shui of bedroom lighting.

1. Pay attention to the feng shui of bedroom lighting

1. Do not use chandeliers in the bedroom to hang directly above the bed. The chandeliers press the bed, which is harmful and harmful to health.

2 If you use downlights or spotlights as auxiliary light sources in the bedroom, remember not to place three incense sticks side by side when placing the lamps in the bedroom.

3. In terms of style selection of bedroom lamps, classical styles are used for town houses; crystal lamps are used to encourage wealth, but it is best not to choose lamps with prominent edges and corners, which are easy to quarrel.

4 When choosing the light source of bedroom lamps and lanterns, do not use red light sources. Red is easy to make people feel impetuous, and red light sources are easy to make couples derail. In the children's room, it is easy for children to have precocious love.

5 If you need to attract wealth, you can use yellow lamps, yellow is the main soil, and the native is gold, and the yellow is lucky, and the native is golden.

6 Use a soft-lit floor lamp or table lamp by the bed to keep the roof open directly above the bed.

7 For the lighting of the dressing table, it is best to use natural light. It is advisable to use bright lights at night, but do not put the lighting on the top of the dressing table, otherwise there will be shadows on the face when applying makeup. The lighting should be installed on both ends of the dressing table. To be average, it will not disappear.

8 If a pair of wall lamps or a pair of table lamps are installed at both ends of the bed, this arrangement represents two black evils and is not good for health. The solution is to use a row of lights to illuminate, but the number of lights cannot be two, three, or five.

9. The lighting in the bedroom should not be too bright, otherwise it will drive away sleepiness. The lighting requirements are soft and warm, which helps us to relax well and enter a sweet dream.

The lighting in the bedroom

everlasting light

In the middle of the night, when everyone falls asleep, the Everbright Lamp is not only convenient for those who return at night, but also lighting for those who go to the toilet at night. It also replenishes the energy in the house that is reduced due to the reduction of activities. It serves three birds with one stone.

hall lamp

Some time ago, the author mentioned many times the influence of "Mingtang" on the feng shui of the house, and the front area of each unit in the building is the "Xiao Mingtang" of the house, and bright lights should be placed here and in the public area of the stairs.

Financial position lamp

The 45-degree diagonal of the entrance is the image of wealth on Kanyu, and lighting it with lights can make the family's "money" path bright.

Third, the choice of lighting in different rooms

The function of each room is different, and the selected lighting is also different.

Feng Shui theory pays attention to "bright hall and dark room", which means that the light in the living room should be bright, and the light in the bedroom should be darker.

1. Living room

The lighting in the living room should be sufficient, too dim lighting will affect the owner's career development.

The choice of lamps and lanterns for the living room ceiling is very important. It is best to use round chandeliers or ceiling lamps, because the round shape has the meaning of doing things well.

The color of the lights in the living room should be bright, and the lights should be evenly scattered in the living room.

In some living rooms that lack sunlight, the interior is dim and unclear, and it is easy to feel depressed after being in it for a long time. In this case, it is best to hide fluorescent lamps in the wooden grooves on the four sides of the ceiling to fill in the light, so that the light is refracted from the ceiling, soft and not dazzling.

2. Bedroom

The bedroom is a place for people to rest and recharge, so the color of the light must be soft, not dazzling, and conducive to people falling asleep.

3. Kitchen

The color of the kitchen light should be a cool white color, because the kitchen needs to cook food and will use fire. In order to maintain the balance of the yin and yang in the kitchen, the color of the kitchen light should be a cool color, which is in balance with the fire in the kitchen.

4. Bathroom

The color of the bathroom lighting should be warm yellow soft light, this is because there is more water in the bathroom and the yin is heavier, so it should be balanced with warm-toned lighting.

5. Study room

It is best to use fluorescent lamps in the study room. Fluorescent lamps are used for lighting, which will make people feel excited and improve work efficiency. Return to Sohu, see more


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