Dining area lighting purchasing skills How to choose your favorite dining area lighting?

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publish:2022-06-23 13:50:19  

Nowadays, there are many styles, brands and types of lighting fixtures on the market. Faced with the dazzling array of lighting fixtures, how should we choose the one we like? Today, the editor will briefly introduce the lighting purchasing skills in the dining area for you. I won’t say much nonsense. Interested friends can refer to it~~

Mistakes in the purchase of lighting in the dining area:

Many beautiful and complex lighting fixtures do give people an eye-catching effect, but there will be many problems in later use, especially with the overall style. Many friends do not consider whether it is compatible with the overall home style when purchasing lighting. In combination, the overall visual effect after installation will be particularly abrupt, and most of the lighting styles with complex shapes are more troublesome in daily cleaning, so we should consider the practicality while considering the aesthetics of the lighting.

Dining area lighting purchasing skills:

①The choice of the size of the lighting in the dining area

The size of the lighting in the dining area should be determined according to the actual use area of the dining area. If the dining area is relatively large, we can choose a larger style of lighting, which can well highlight the elegant and atmospheric visual effect of the dining area; If the area of the dining area is relatively small, we can choose a small style of dining area lighting, which can also achieve a good lighting effect when matched with auxiliary light sources such as wall lamps, downlights, and invisible light strips.

②Choose the height of the lighting in the dining area

The height of the lighting in the dining area mainly depends on the height of the dining table. Due to the different internal floor heights of many units, there are certain limitations when choosing the lighting in the dining area, so we might as well choose a lighting style in the dining area that can be adjusted in height. Our actual use needs to debug the appropriate lighting height.

③The choice of lighting color in the dining area

The brightness and color temperature of the lighting in the dining area directly affect our dining mood. There is scientific evidence that the lighting in the dining area with warm colors can better enhance the dining atmosphere, but if our dining area has other functions of using space, the editor It is still more recommended to adjust the brightness of the dining area lighting style, so that the lighting brightness can be reasonably adjusted according to our different environmental needs, which is practical and beautiful.

Seeing this, I believe that everyone has some understanding of the lighting purchasing skills in the dining area. The above is the relevant content that Xiaobian brings to you today about the lighting purchasing skills in the dining area. I hope today's article introduction can provide you with effective home improvement help.

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